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I've been in full-time pastoral ministry for 20 years. Over that span, I have witnessed many people come to faith in Jesus Christ. I have personally led hundreds of people to Jesus. I have also shared in the the joy of watching someone else do the same.

Sadly, many Christians never actually lead someone to Jesus. They find Jesus in the own life. Then, they focus on "throwing and growing" (throwing off sin and growing deeper in Jesus). Awesome ambition, but only a portion of the whole of salvation.

Many Christians never actually lead someone else to Jesus. Some do, but most do not. In other words, their Christianity remains focused on them. Engaging in personal evangelism is next level maturity.

It is a conscience choice to grow beyond ourselves. Hud McWilliams calls it, "Getting yourself off of your own hands." When you hands are so full of your stuff (your need to grow, your desires) that there is no room to reach out to anyone else. Personal evangelism is an unselfish decision that requires maturity and courage.

This article provides tips on taking your faith to that next level. R. York Moore highlights the Scriptural truth that, "All Christians are called to share their faith." Then, he provides a simple technique to 'go there' in your conversation. Check out the article, and my bigger prayer, is that we take the bold move to put this into practice in our life.

How about you? When was the last time you led someone to faith in Jesus?

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