Speaker & Coach


Conferences, Retreats, Team Building, Training and Resourcing


In a one on one coaching relationship, I will help you see where you are stuck and give you strategic guidance on how to move forward.

​Certified Leader BreakThru Coach

Leader BreakThru specializes in the lifelong development of others and facilitates breakthrough for leaders who are experiencing a transition moment.

​Individual coaching to navigate the transition from one season of life and ministry to the next. 

Certified ChurchUnique Coach

ChurchUnique shows you how to identify and unlock your congregation's individual identity as a tool for unleashing their one-of-a-kind potential.

Discover your unique kingdom contribution using the ChurchUnique and Vision Frame process.


There are times when an outside voice is needed to take your team to the next place. 

I coach you (and work with your team) toward unity and mission clarity.



Mobilizing Missional Discipleship


Move the ministry forward with increased effectiveness and less stress


Vision frame process

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