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The SENT Lab Guidebook

The printed guidebook is shipped to you.

The guidebook contains everything you need to learn and to lead others. 


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10 one-sentence prayers to challenge and strengthen your faith.

In the same way the circle of a compass has four points equally distributed along 360 degrees - this book will guide you to four points around the compass as you Pray: 360°.

UPWARD: Exalt God

INWARD: Examine Yourself

OUTWARD: Intercede for Others

FORWARD: Engage the Future

The Bible says that we are to “pray without ceasing”. In the same way that you breathe without ceasing, you should pray without ceasing. That doesn’t mean that prayer should be thoughtless, easy or shallow. No way, these one-sentence prayers are prayers that you hang onto. They are short, but they pack a punch.


A Sent People

Tshirt & Sweatshirt

Various colors and sizes available. Get yours today!

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Church Development Network


T-shirts, Long-Sleeve T's, Sweatshirts, & Hoodies
Various colors and sizes available. Get yours today!

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