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JR's Newest Book
The Disciple Makerspace

A relational rhythm for planting churches  without compromising the beauty, simplicity, and power of the Biblical church.

From the frontlines of an emerging movement, Dr. JR Rushik has written a Spirit empowered book I would love to hand to every American pastor. These pages capture the heart and key principles of the early church which caused it to become a world-changing movement.

I highly recommend The Disciple Makersapce to any believer or pastor who knows something is broken in the American church but doesn't know how to fix it. Let it rain!


EXPONENTIAL Director of Equipping & Spiritual Engagement

FMC USA Strategic Catalyst for Multiplication


Grab the updated and revised: Pray: 360°

Pray: 360°
10 one-sentence prayers to challenge and strengthen your faith.

In the same way the circle of a compass has four points equally distributed along 360 degrees - this book will guide you to four points around the compass as you Pray: 360°. These one-sentence prayers are prayers that you hang onto.
They are short, but they pack a punch.

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