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What I've learned over my course in ministry, and especially in the past few years, is it is best to simply "be me". That's much, much better than trying to please others by being who they think I should be. When I 'do me' I'm honoring my creator and acting with integrity (true to God and myself).

When I take the Myers-Briggs personality profile I get a split decision. About 80% of the time I'm INFJ, and on occasion, I score an ENFJ.

This article describes the characteristics of the INFJ. I relate to the majority of the description and see some of these qualities in my life. If you are curious about who I am and how I'm wired, check out this article:

If you are interested in discovering your type, check out the 2 tests section of my site, (look for the link to 16 Personalities). I also have a link to a spiritual gift profile, which also reveals some interesting results.

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That's fun to see we have the same Personality Type, given how rare we are! - Brook Selby

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